The following presentation was given to the combined Relief Society & Priesthood Quorums last month.
It was given to us by the Bishop who received it from the Stake Presidency. The presentation is about, "The Family, A Proclamation to the World."

It is in Microsoft® PowerPoint® format.
Name: Family.ppt
Size: 102KB

The Presentation is in a zipped format. After the file has been downloaded, double click the file, "family.exe" to launch the application.
It will ask for a directory to extract the files to. The default directory is "C:\MY DOCUMENTS" If you are using Windows95®, this will be the normal place to keep all your documents. If you are using anything other than Windows95® you will need to select a destination.
After a destination is selected press [Unzip].
The application will then extract "family.ppt" to the destination you entered. To run the presentation, double click the file: "family.ppt" and it will automatically launch Microsoft PowerPoint® and start the presentation.
Note: You must have Microsoft PowerPoint® or a viewer that will convert from Microsoft PowerPoint® to view the presentation.

Download "family.ppt" now

View the presentation Online.
Note: You will need IE4.0 and Microsoft PowerPoint® to view this online.

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